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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together

Year 1


Year One Curriculum Overview

November update to parents/carers

Formation Work 24/11/2021


In class we are writing letters and numbers daily and reinforcing correct formation. In Year One, the children are expected to position their letters on a line. Over the next few weeks, we may send home extra letter formation work for the children to complete at home.

We use these videos in class to help us remember how to form the letters.

Curly caterpillar letters-

Zig-zag letters-

Robot letters-

Ladder letters-



Phonics in Year One

In Year One the children continue their Phonics journey. In EYFS (Reception) they will have learned the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds. In Year One we recap Phase 3 and teach Phase 4 and Phase 5 (alternative graphemes, alternative pronunciations and alternative spellings).  

There are many ways that you can support your child with their Phonics acquisition: 

1. Hear your child read lots at home (at least 4 days a week)

2. Practise the sounds they have been taught regularly at home (e.g. flashcards and sound mat games)

3. Support your child with their weekly spelling homework 

4. Play games (e.g. snakes and ladders, bowling and BINGO)

Phonics Sounds Mat

Phonics In Class

Maths in Year One

In Year 1, children will need to count forwards and backwards up to 100. They will need to know their addition and subtraction facts to 20. They will start to learn about times tables through the use of simple multiplication and division problems, for which they will be given objects to help them work out what is being asked.

Children will need to find half and a quarter of a shape or quantity. They will start to measure using standard units and will learn to tell the time to the hour and half-hour. They will learn to name some common 2D and 3D shapes


Ways to help at home:

  • Play games: a simple board game such as snakes and ladders gives your child valuable practice in counting on. Dominoes are also good for counting spots and matching numbers
  • Sort things out: if you have a box of beads, sort them by size or colour
  • Look for numbers when you go out – look on houses, buses, road signs
  • Ask your child to set the table: they’ll have to count the settings and work out how much cutlery is needed
  • Get cooking: children love to weigh out the ingredients and check the timer

Maths in Class

RE in Year One

This term we are learning about gifts and linking the idea of gifts to the Christmas story. The children will be learning about the Christmas Story through the Nativity play.

RE Scrapbook Year 1

Autumn Term History Work on Toys


This term we are learning about toys of the present and comparing them to toys of the past (in living memory). Below is some of the work and ideas that the children have generated around the topic. Thank you for completing the questionnaires and photographs to help us with our learning.

Toys Work

Children in Need 2021

Week beginning 15.11.2021


Anti-bullying Week.


This week we will be looking at friendships and kindness. The children wore odd socks to school to remind us that we are all different. We have started the week by thinking about what kind things our friends do for us and made some jigsaw pieces about our friendships (photos to follow). Throughout the week we will be looking at how we can show kindness at school, home and in the community. On Thursday, the children will be given some random acts of kindness challenges to complete around school and when they get home. Look out for these in the children's school bags.

One Kind Word

One Kind Word Year One Planning

Here are some videos and resources linked to kindness that can be used at home:




Every Wednesday morning, the children will be supported to learn new IT skills with a specialist IT teacher. So far we have looked at the parts of a computer, how to use the main keys on a keyboard, mouse control and dragging with the mouse. We are using an online tool called JIT5 (type this into Google), which the children can access at home to continue to develop these skills.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together