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Sports Premium Funding 2020-2021

Sports Premium Funding for 2020-2021


How are we planning to spend our PE and sport grant this year?

At Cuerden Church School we believe in providing our children with a broad and balanced PE curriculum which will motivate them to lead healthy and active lifestyles. From the government this year, our school has received the allocated sports grant funding of £26,855. The children and staff will benefit from specialist coaching and the impact of progress will be supported by iTrack and various other evidence documents. 


It is expected that schools will see an improvement in the following 5 indicators:

  1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity. 
  2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement. 
  3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport. 
  4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.
  5. Increased participation in competitive sport. 


From September 2020 to July 2021 the sports grant has been spent on:

  1. Buying into the South Ribble Sports Development Active School Offer:
  • Mini Movers - Reception
  • Football - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 
  • Children's Yoga - Years 1 and 2 
  • Gymnastics - Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3 
  • Tots on Tyres Level 1 (Balance Bikes) - Reception
  • Tots on Tyres Level 2 (Pedal Bikes) - Reception
  • Multi-Skills - Reception, Years 1 and 2 
  • Hockey - Years 4 and 5 
  • Dance - Years 2 and 3 
  • Basketball - Years 4 and 5 
  • Tag Rugby - Years 5 and 6 
  • Cricket - Years 5 and 6 


2. After School Clubs ran by the South Ribble Sports Development Team:

  • Football - KS2
  • Fun Fitness - Years 1 and 2 
  • Gymnastics - Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3
  • Multi-Skills - Reception, Years 1 and 2 
  • Non-Contact Boxing - KS2 
  • Cheerleading - KS2
  • Basketball - Years 5 and 6 
  • Tag Rugby - Years 3 and 4 
  • Bike Club - Reception 


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have been unable to run all After School Clubs as planned this year.


Impact: 8 children from Year 6 participated in Basketball in Summer Term 1.


Impact: 9 children from Year 5 participated in Cheerleading in Summer Term 1.


Impact: 14 children from Year 3 participated in Tag Rugby in Summer Term 2.


Impact: 10 children from Reception participated in Bike Club in Summer Term 2.


3. The South Ribble Sports Development Team will also run Bikeability Levels 1 and 2 with Year 6 in the Autumn Term to teach the children how to confidently ride their bikes on today's roads. 


Impact: 21 of the children who participated in Bikeability passed Level 1 and Level 2.


4. Children in Year 3 will participate in Scoot Safe in the Spring Term to teach them how to scoot safely to and from school. 


Impact: Twenty-four out of twenty-six children (92.31%) participated in and passed the Scoot Safe event on Monday 26th April. All of the children know how to check their scooter to make sure each part of it is safe and can identify safe places to ride their scooter.


5. Children in Year 6 will also participate in Heart Start (Emergency Life-Saving training).


6. In the Summer Term, the whole school will also participate in the 'Dance from the Heart' roadshow. Staff and children from Year 5 will be involved in a half-day leadership course to support the rest of the school in learning the dance routine. 



Total cost of this coaching support is £7,225.



7. The school will also participate in coaching sessions, tournaments, festivals and competitive events with other local schools which is also ran by the South Ribble Sports Development Team. 


Impact: The South Ribble Sports Development Team, in partnership with the Lancashire School Games, provided virtual challenges for each class to participate in. Keyworker children in school participated in these activities with staff in their class bubbles and children learning at home also joined in and sent in photographs and videos on Showbie.


Impact: Anthony, our School Games Organiser, also came into school on Tuesday 6th July to run an Olympic Sports Event. Children across the whole school participated in events including running, long jump, javelin throwing and relay races. 


8. Staff will also participate in training e.g. the delivery of active learning and playtimes. 


Impact: The PE Subject Leader has attended online training and has shared these resources with teaching staff. 


Impact: Reception teachers have attended online training and have received an updated Scheme of Work for the Early Years.


Impact: All staff have had the opportunity to work alongside sports specialists including South Ribble Sports Development coaches, a Paralympic athlete and a Lancashire FA cricket instructor. 


Impact: High quality resources have been purchased. Throughout the year, each class bubble has had their own set of equipment to encourage active playtimes.



The cost of the SSP School Games and Staffing Infrastructure is £1,600.



Other planned uses of the sports funding:

  • Provide quality training for staff alongside qualified coaches, including Chris Lowe from the Lancashire FA, to raise their confidence in teaching PE and Sport.


  • An audit will be taken of the equipment in our indoor and outdoor PE cupboards. New resources and equipment will be ordered for PE lessons, playtimes and Sports Days. 


  • Repairs to PE equipment - £250.69. 
  • Half term sports club - £1,000.
  • Transport to and from competitive events and tournaments.
  • Sports Council badges and Sports Day stickers.
  • Playground equipment.
  • Mindfulness-themed activities to take place in school - £1,000 approximately. 
  • Outdoor Week trip for each class - £3,000 approximately.
  • Swimming assessment - £120.00


  • Children in the EYFS and KS1 will also have access to a Forest School programme in the Summer Term. 


  • Additional swimming provision for Year 3 - £1518 approximately. 
  • Mental health and well-being resources - £500 approximately. 
  • Yoga session for the whole-school - £300.
  • Hula-hooping session for the whole-school - £157 approximately. 



Impact of the sports funding:

  • Further increased opportunities to participate in competitive sport and friendly matches.


  • Opportunities to participate in a wider range of sports. All children will benefit from learning a wider variety of skills from the expertise of qualified coaches. 


  • Improvement in the quality of teaching and learning across different aspects of PE.


  • A continued awareness amongst pupils about healthy and active lifestyles. 


  • Opportunities for all children to be active at playtimes. New Year 5 Play Leaders will lead C4L Club at playtimes and lunchtimes with welfare staff.


  • Bikeability has developed Year 6 pupils' proficiency to be road ready.


  • Scoot Safe has enabled Year 3 children to learn how to scoot safely to and from school.


  • Extra-curricular activities ran by specialist coaches to enhance a greater range of opportunities. 


  • Additional opportunities have been provided for children in Reception to receive specialist coaching (Mini Movers, Tots on Tyres, Gymnastics and Multi-Skills) and to also participate in extra-curricular clubs (Multi-Skills, Gymnastics and Bike Club).


  • New Sports Council members have been appointed to discuss how to continue to raise the profile of PE and Sport around school. We are aiming to achieve the 'Gold' School Games Mark this year. 


  • 'Pupil and staff voice' interviews will be carried out to discuss thoughts and views on PE and physical activity. 


  • There is evidence of more pupils joining out of school clubs and taking up new hobbies as a result of the coaching and experiences that they have received and have been offered in school. We celebrate sporting achievements each Friday in our Achievements assembly along with the children's names appearing on the weekly newsletter.




Swimming and water safety remains an important part of the PE curriculum at our school as we believe that it is another way of helping the children to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Schools have the responsibility to publish swimming data and we have used some of the sports grant for this. 


This data shows how the children have met the National Curriculum expectations. By the end of Key Stage Two, children should be able to:

  • Swim 25 metres.
  • Use a variety of different strokes (e.g. breast stroke, backstroke, front crawl).
  • Be able to perform a safe self-rescue. 


Current swimming provision:

Throughout the academic year, pupils in Year 4 attend weekly swimming lessons at the local leisure centre. During their weekly sessions, the children are grouped according to their ability and are taught to:

  • Swim confidently over a distance of at least 25 metres.
  • Use a range of strokes.
  • Perform a safe, self-rescue in different water situations.


The children will be assessed in the water at different stages throughout the year and data will also be received and reported on our website. 


Of the current Year 6 cohort:

  • 61.53% can swim competently over a distance of at least 25 metres.
  • 88.46% can swim 10m front crawl & backstroke.
  • 61.53% can swim 25m front crawl & backstroke.
  • 19.23% also achieved longer distance swims of 100m and 400m. 
  • 96.15% can perform a safe self-rescue. 


Further improvement and development: 

We are looking to provide Year 3 children with a weekly swimming slot in the Summer Term in preparation for a full years swimming in Year 4. 


On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together