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Church School

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Staff List 2020-2021


Staff Member


Areas of Responsibility

Mrs N. Sherry


Overall leadership and management of the school; Financial control (with input from LCC Finance team); Staff Appraisal Leader, Staff Professional development, DSL, PSHE subject leader.

Mrs J van Zyl

Deputy Headteacher

Year 4 Teacher

Assessment, Curriculum, Maths, Staff Appraisal, More Able Children

Mrs S. Taylor

KS1 Leader

Year 1 Teacher

Inclusion and AGT, Parental Involvement, Art & Display, English,

Staff Appraisal and Support Staff development

Mrs B. Watkins


Year 5 Teacher


Subject leader for R.E.

Worship co-ordinator;

Mrs D. McKenna

Year 2 Teacher

Subject leader for Science. DSL support & Pastoral Care, 

Miss L. CorryYear 6 TeacherComputing and On-line Safety

Mrs A. Smith

Year 6  Teacher

Art and D & T

Miss C. Chapman

Year 3 Teacher

Physical Education

Mrs K. Ashmore

EYFS Teacher

Subject Leader Music and Educational Visits Coordinator

Miss P. Ashcroft

EYFS Teacher

Subject Leader EYFS and History

Mrs J. Murray


Learning Mentor (Behaviour/Attendance) Mental Health 

Miss J.Wade


Classroom Assistant

Mrs K. Turner

TA3 Year 1

Classroom Assistant

Mrs L. Margarson

TA3-Year 5

Classroom Assistant

Mrs M. Johnston

TA3-Year 4

Classroom Assistant

Mrs C. McDougall

TA3-Year 3

Classroom Assistant

Mrs P.Lambert

TA3- Year 2

Classroom Assistant

Mrs A. Barker

TA3 Year 6

Classroom Assistant

Mrs C. Boardman

TA 2-Year 1

Classroom Assistant

Mrs C. EvansTA2 - ReceptionClassroom Assistant
Mrs A. LakeyTA2 - ReceptionClassroom Assistant

Mrs D. Mackey


School Business Manager

Mrs J. Delaney School Business Support Officer

Mrs L. Collinson


Site Supervisor / Admin. Assistant

Mrs J. Bellamy


Welfare Assistant

Mrs S. Regan-Stansfield


Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs J. Garth


Welfare Assistant/ Cleaner

Mrs P. Scanlon


Welfare Assistant

Mrs C. Walmsley


Welfare Assistant

Miss J. Kay                                                               Welfare Assistant

Miss W. Richardson                                                    Welfare Assistant

Miss K. Clark                                                             Welfare Assistant

Mrs A. Jackson                                                          Catering Supervisor

Mrs S. Pugh                                                              Catering Assistant



As required by the DfE, we confirm that no staff member is paid more than £100,000.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together