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Sports Premium Funding 2017-2018

Sports Premium Funding for 2017-2018


How are we planning to spend our PE and sport grant?

We believe in providing children with a broad and balanced PE curriculum, which will motivate children to lead healthy lifestyles. From this government this year our school has received the allocated sports grant funding of £14,955. The children and staff at Cuerden will benefit from specialist coaching. An impact on progress will be supported by our PE assessment tracker.


From September 2017 to July 2018 the sports grant has been spent upon:


     1. Buying into the South Ribble Sports Partnership School’s Coaching Programme:

  • Tots on Tyres Level 1 balance bikes (Reception) - To develop coordination and balance as well as providing children with the skills needed to travel safely - £175


  • Tots on Tyres Level 2 pedal bikes (Reception) - To develop coordination and balance as well as providing children with 'learn to ride' training - £300


  • Gymnastics (Year 1, 2, 3 and 4) - The children will work alongside a specialist coach to learn a variety of movements, shaping, travelling, rolling, balancing, partner work, strength and flexibility - £650


  • Dance (Year 1, 2, 5 and 6) - To learn a choreographed dance sequence and develop physical coordination, balance and agility as well as musicality and creative ability - £650


  • Outdoors and Adventure (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6) - This blends orienteering, team building and problem-solving techniques together and introduces children to fun and challenging new activities, helping them to build their self-confidence and an interest in the outdoors - £650


2. After School Clubs run by South Ribble Sports Partnership:

  • Cheerleading (Year 1 and 2) - Children work with a specialist coach who gives them an introduction to cheerleading - £150


IMPACT: The routine that the children learnt at this After School Club was incorporated into the Infant Nativity production to showcase their achievements to families and the whole school. 


  • Fun fitness club (Year 1 and 2) - A variety of fun cardio fitness sessions including aerobics, skipping and circuits - £150


  • Gymnastics (Year 3 and 4) - Working alongside a specialist coach to learn a variety of movements, shaping, travelling, rolling, balancing, partner work, strength and flexibility - £150


  • Dance (Year 5 and 6) - To learn choreographed dance sequences and develop physical coordination, balance and agility as well as musicality and creative ability - £150


  • Non-contact boxing (Year 5 and 6) - An introduction to the basic skills of boxing. Children use fun equipment to learn stance, guard, footwork and basic punches - £150


  • Archery (Year 3 and 4) - An introduction to archery where the children will learn how to improve their technique in a fun and structured environment either indoors or outdoors - £150


IMPACT: 35% (39 out of 112 pupils in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4) participated in an After School sports club in the Autumn Term.


IMPACT:  75% (33 out of 44 Year 5 and Year 6 pupils) participated in After School sports clubs in the Spring Term.


     3. South Ribble Sports Team will also run Bikeability with Year 6 which is free of charge for all schools. This cycling proficiency will give the children the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on roads. 


     4. The whole school will also participate in the Dance from the Heart event in the Summer Term. Staff and children will be involved in a half-day leadership course to support the rest of the school in learning the dance routine. The whole school will then perform the routine in an exciting roadshow. The cost of this is £70.


The cost of this coaching support and the after school clubs is: £3395

    5. Buying into the Premier League Primary Stars and Community Education Trust programme run by Preston North End Football Club.

This includes coaching support for half a day for one academic year inclusive of CPD and a lunchtime club for three half terms. Throughout the year each class will have two slots to work with a trained coach to learn basic skills such as throwing and catching to enable them to play a range of sports for example netball and tennis. The cost of this is £3000.


IMPACT:  During the Spring Term children from all year groups had the opportunity to participate in physical activities and games with Chris from PNE in a Lunchtime Club. The school football team also worked with Chris to rehearse their skills for an local schools tournament.


    6. The school will also participate in Football and High 5 Netball coaching sessions, competitive events and tournaments with other local schools. The cost of this is £300.


Other uses of the sports funding:


  • Providing quality training for staff alongside qualified coaches to raise their confidence in teaching PE and Sport.
  • Resources and new equipment, including playtime toys - £173.80 has been spent so far.
  • Sports Day resources
  • Training updates for lunchtime play leaders to continue running Change 4 Life.
  • Outdoor trips and activities for an outdoor-themed Special Interest Week - £350 spent so far on the booking of an inflatable assault course for the whole school and £702 spent on the booking of Archery. Each class will be allocated an amount of money to spend on an physical outdoor visit or activity.
  • Transport to and from competitive events - £205.
  • Sports Council badges - £5.25
  • Playground markings - amount to be confirmed.


IMPACT: In the Autumn Term Year  6 pupils updated their Change 4 Life training so that they can continue to work alongside welfare staff to provide active, healthy lunchtime games. We were also provided with a new equipment kit. The training and equipment was delivered free of charge by Kevin Loughran.


Overall Total so far: £8,131.05


Impact of the sports funding:


  • Increased opportunities to participate in competitive sport and friendly matches.
  • Improvement in the quality of teaching and learning across different aspects of PE.
  • A continued awareness amongst pupils about healthy lifestyles.
  • Increased opportunities for the children to be active at playtimes.
  • Improved behaviour at lunchtimes as play leaders work with younger children. 
  • Bikeability has developed Year 6 pupils’ cycling proficiency to be road ready.
  • Additional opportunities for children in Reception to receive expert coaching (Tots on Tyres and Preston North End basic skills coaching)
  • Changes in EYFS curriculum to include Active Maths & English and longer periods of time to access outdoor continuous provision. 
  • Sports Council members have been appointed to discuss how to continue to raise the profile of PE & Sport around school.
  • Sports notice board displayed in the school hall to celebrate sporting achievements.
  • Rise in parental involvement e.g. attending performances where children showcase the skills they have learnt.
  • ’Pupil Voice’ interviews will be carried out as part of the Investors in Pupils award to discuss the children’s thoughts and views on PE and physical activity.
  • There is evidence of more pupils joining out of school sports clubs as a result of the coaching and experiences that they have received and been offered in school.
  • The children will benefit from learning a wider variety of skills from the expertise of qualified coaches.


The remaining expenditure is to be spent in the Spring and Summer Terms of 2018. The impact of this will be reviewed and updated in the Summer Term. 


Sports Premium breakdown for 2017-2018


Please click the link below to find a breakdown of how we have spent our Sports Premium funding and the impact it has had on the whole school. This is a working document and further information will be added throughout the Summer Term.



Swimming and water safety is an important part of the PE curriculum at Cuerden Church School as it is another way of helping the children to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Schools now have the responsibility of publishing swimming data. This data should show how the children have met the National Curriculum expectations in Key Stage 2. By the end of Year 6 children should be able to:

  • Swim 25 metres
  • Use a variety of different strokes (breast stroke, back stroke, front crawl)
  • Be able to perform a safe self-rescue


Current swimming provision

Throughout the academic year pupils in Year 4 attend weekly swimming lessons at the local leisure centre.  During their weekly sessions the children are grouped according to their ability and are taught to:

  • Swim confidently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • Use a range of strokes
  • Perform safe, self-rescue in different water situations


Of the current Year 4 cohort at least 64.29% of children should be able to swim the distance of 25 metres by the end of the school year. This data will be reviewed again in the Summer Term once the children have been re-assessed in the water. 


Further improvement and development

With the increase of the PE premium we are looking to provide Year 5 children who do not meet the National Curriculum standards with regular booster sessions alongside Year 4 from September.


On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together