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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together


Autumn Term


Light and Shadows

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have had fun learning indoors and outdoors. They have learnt:

  • That we need light to see 
  • About light sources
  • That some surfaces reflect light
  • How a mirror works
  • That light  from the Sun can be dangerous for our eyes
  • How shadows are formed


The children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in different investigations and experiments. Some of them also created some super shadow puppets as part of thier homework this half term. Take a look at the photographs below. 

Animals including humans

We began our new topic by discussing what we could remember and already know about animals and humans from our previous learning in Key Stage One. The children created some super KWL Grids to show their knowledge.


The children worked with a partner or in a small group to complete a challenge. They were given pictures of human bones and they had to put them together to create a human skeleton. We had some very interesting looking skeletons at the end which made us all laugh! 


Throughout the unit we have identified and labelled the bones of a human skeleton and learnt about its functions. The children particularly enjoyed learning about joints and muscles and participated in an investigation to find out which we use for different activities. 


We have also looked at different types of skeletons and have explored endo-skeletons, exo-skeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. The children enjoyed researching which type of skeleton their favourite animal has. 

To link with our DT topic we have also looked at food groups and nutrition in foods. We discussed the importance of a balanced diet and what foods are healthy and unhealthy.


The children have created 'balanced meals' and have identified the different food groups that are included in their favourite meals. The children researched different Christmas foods and looked at food packets to identify the nutritional information. They then designed a Christmas treat that they wanted to make to take home for their family for Christmas. 


As part of their homework some children made delicious healthy snacks that they brought in to share with the class. We had lots of wonderful creations including fruit kebabs and banana and raising muffins. Well done everybody smiley.

The children also had a look at the McDonalds Nutritional Calculator to see what nutritional information they could find. They were very shocked that a salad had more fat in than a hamburger! 

Spring Term


Rocks and Fossils

This half term we are learning about rocks and fossils in Science. We have identified different types of rocks and used chocolate bars to help us. For example cereal bars helped us to see different layers in sedimentary rocks and Crunchie chocolate bars helped us to see trapped gas bubbles in igneous rocks.

Today in Science we carried out an experiment to try and answer this question - Which rock would be best suited to build steps outside?


The children worked in small groups to make predictions based on a choice of rocks including granite, marble, clay, asphalt and pumice. We looked at what durable, permeable, impermeable and density means. 


The children decided on how to keep the test fair and recorded their findings in a table. 

This week in Science we looked at fossils. First the children were given a challenge to get all of the chocolate chips out of a cookie using a toothpick so that they could see how hard it is to find fossils! We then looked at the process of fossilisation. 

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together