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Topic & PE

Autumn Term



We have been learning all about the United Kingdom. The children have identified places that they have visited in the UK for their homework. We have used a variety of maps and atlases to identify UK cities, rivers, hills and seas. The children have also studied our county of Lancashire and created a fact file all about it. 


In History we have been learning all about our local area of Bamber Bridge and how it has changed over the years. We used photographs from our time in Year 1 when we participated in a Special Interest Week about Bamber Bridge where we created some pages for a school newspaper. The children loved looking back at their previous learning.


We have used aerial photographs, iPads and the computers to study maps of Bamber Bridge from the present day all the way back to 1940! The children also typed their addresses into 'Mario Maps' to find out what used to be there years ago - was it a house, a different building or even a field?


We have also looked at photographs at how buildings, roads and transport has changed in the village. The children put all of their learning together to create a report in their Topic book.


The children have enjoyed visiting the ICT Suite and using the iPads this half term in Computing. They have used their Purple Mash logins to create avatars and have been learning all about typing. The children used the skills that they have learnt to type up their completed fables from their English lessons.


The children have thoroughly been enjoying using their 'Junior' sketchbooks in Art. They have been learning sketching and shading techniques using different medias to draw images of fruits and vegetables. 


We have been learning gymnastics this half term in PE. The children have worked independently, in pairs and in small groups to...

  • Travel in different ways
  • Perform 1, 2, 3 and 4 point balances
  • Work on different gymnastics equipment 
  • Create sequences 
Also in PE Year 3 have been learning how to play invasion games. The children have learnt teamwork skills, chest passes and bounce passes. 
This half term the children also had the opportunity to participate in a Ju Jitsu taster session. The children learnt some basic moves that are used in this type of martial art. Several children from Year 3 have since joined the local Ju Jitsu club!

The children have also worked with Danielle from South Ribbles Sports Development to learn dance. The children danced and created a routine to a Little Mix song from Sports Relief. They did an absolutely fabulous job and in the final week we recorded the routine on an iPad so the children could watch their work back. They shared feedback with each other about what went well and what they could change. If you would like to see the video then please ask Miss Chapman or Mrs McDougall.

Active Advent

To celebrate the lead up to Christmas every class has participated in 'Active Advent' where they have been given the challenge of a quick 5-minute exercise to complete each day. Activities have included hopping, yoga, running and balances just to name a few!

Spring Term



This half term in Geography we are learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes. The children will learn what volcanoes are, how they are formed and why they erupt. We will also study where volcanoes are located around the world. We will also look at earthquakes and what causes them as well as any recent earthquakes from around the world. 


Our History topic for this term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We began our topic by discussing our lives now and how they would be different if we didn't have things like a home made from bricks or transport to get around.


We will look at prehistory and identify the different periods within the Stone Age. The children will learn about hunter-gatherers, homes in the Stone Age and clothing. We will also look at Skara Brae and Stonehenge before moving onto learning about the Bronze Age and Iron Age. 


In Art this half term we will be making observational drawings and printings of fossils.


This half term the children have learnt about gymnastics with Danielle, a coach from the South Ribble Sports Development Team. They have learnt and explored a variety of travels, balances and rolls and put these together to create sequences using different equipment.