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On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together

Special Events

Paralympics - 3rd November

The Sports Development team came to lead us in trying out some paralympic sports. We played football while blindfolded. The balls had bells inside so we could hear where they were if we listened carefully. We tried bowls while sitting down as if in a wheel chair. It helped us to realise how some of the skills we used were the same but some skills were new to our idea of sports.

Christmas Party - 17th December

On the last day of term, KS2 had their Christmas party. We played games in the classrooms and ate our snacks together in the hall. Everyone had a lot of fun and it really got us into the Christmas spirit ready for the holidays.

Football Festival - 5th January

The Sports Development team came to deliver a lesson on football skills. There was something for every one. Those who already have well-developed football skills were challenged and those who were less experienced were also taught new skills.

Tennis Festival - 23rd February

The Sports Development team came to deliver a lesson on tennis skills. There were different skill building activities and also some exciting team games and races.

World Book Day - 3rd March

We watched a rap that included lots of book titles and had a competition to see which team could spot the most. Some of the books were old favourites but some we had never heard of and thought we might like to try. Then we had a go at writing our own book title raps. We performed them for the class. Later, we played a game where a volunteer sat with their back to the board. They also had to wear the guessing hat. The name of a famous book character would come up on the screen, and the volunteer would have to ask 'yes/no' questions to guess the character. It was a lot hard than we expected but we still enjoyed it.

Easter Day - 1st April

On the last day of term, the whole school celebrated Easter by having an Easter Day. There were seven teams and each one was made up of children from every class. The teams moved around the classes and learned about a different part of the Easter story and also how it is celebrated by Christians around the world. Then there was a fun activity. In Year 5 classroom, we found out about the crucifixion and how in Brazil they decorate the streets with brightly coloured pictures every Easter. Then we went outside and made our own pictures about the crucifixion using chalk on the playground.

As part of the Easter Day many children brought in crosses they had made at home for a special homework topic.

Cricket - 20th April

Andy from the Sports Development team came to teach us a great cricket game. Some parts were like real cricket but the changes meant that it moved very fast and we all had to keep running all the time. It was also good because everyone could take part whether they had played cricket before or not.

On a journey with Jesus;

growing, learning and loving God together